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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI)

The Integrated Management of Childhood Illness or IMCI has several key points in the promotion and restoration of health of children in the community. It has been improved to provide a more integrated approach to managing sickchildren by UNICEF in cooperation with the WHO.
The main objectives of IMCI involves the reduction of significantly global child mortality and morbidity associated with the major causes of illness and as well contribute to the promotion of healthy growth and development of children. Its components basically encompass the improvement of several aspects of health in the community, which are:
  • Skills of health workers in case management
  • Health care delivery system
  • Family and community health practices
The Integrated Management of Childhood Illness does not only emphasize the adjustment of curative interventions in the community but to encourage the active involvement of family members and the community in the health care process. Thus, health teaching/ counselling as an essential component in the improvement of health is being utilized in IMCI.
This guide manual is being utilized by health care workers in the:
  • Assessment and classification (color coded)
  • Identification of appropriate treatment
  • Treatment or referral
  • Provision of health teaching and counselling
  • Giving instructions for follow- up in the rural health unit

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