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Thursday, June 28, 2012

ANSAP Basic IVT Program

RA No. 9173, otherwise known as “Philippines Nursing Act of 2002”, states that the administration of parenteral injection is included in the scope of nursing practice.

ANSAP believes that the certification of Registered Nurses for IV Therapy should be continues for the several reasons, paramount of which is safe nursing practice. Novice nurse is a BSN graduate who has a current PRC license and he is able to perform basic procedures.

ANSAP believes that nurse who practice IV Therapy nursing are only those registered nurses who had been adequately trained and have completed the training requirements of the IV Therapy Program are Certified IV Therapy Nurse.

The ANSAP Nursing Standard of intravenous practice is conceptualized to serve as a guide for those who are and will be practicing IV Therapy. Safe and Quality Nursing care to patients is primary responsibility of nurses.

The Framework IV Therapy Training is graphically presented on page iv. It is a continues process in which every nurse shall start as a novice nurse in IV Therapy and proceeds to training for the following: a) ANSAP Standards for IV Therapy, b) Implementation of Standards in Infusion of Care, c) Procedure/Demonstration and, e) Completion of the requirements under the ANSAP standards. As a result, he/she must Certified as IV Therapy Nurse.

IV Therapy Standard Requirements
A.    Entrance Requirements
1. Must be a registered nurse with a current license from the PRC or certified Board rating for new nurses.
  • Certificate of Nursing Board Rating from the PRC is considered pending on the release of the PRC license for those who will be issued the first IVT card.
B.    Completion Requirements
1.    Attendance 3-day Basic IV Therapy training program approved by ANSAP.
2.    Completion of 3+3+2 requirements:
  • Three (3) successful peripheral IV cannulation to patients.
  • Three (3) administration of IV medication to patients.
  • Two (2) administrations of blood or blood components to patients.
3.    Submission of completed requirements within (3) months from date of IVT training, otherwise the 3-day Basic IV Therapy program shall be repeated.

C.    Renewal/Revalidation of IV Therapy Nurse Card
1.    IV Therapy card is renewable every three (3) years within birth month.
2.    Completion of ANSAP approved IV related updates equivalent to 24 units is the requirements for the  renewal of IVT card.
3.    Renewal of expired IVT card is subject to the following conditions:
  • Completion of 24-units Therapy Updates and Require fee within the year of expiry date.
  • Completion of 3-day Basic IV Therapy Program and required fee beyond the expiry date.
4.   Requirements for Renewal of IVT card:
  • Original IVT Card
  • Original and photocopy of certificates of attendance of IVT Therapy Updates which are equivalent to 24hrs/ceu as approved by ANSAP Healthcare institute
  • Two(2) recent 2X2 pictures (light green background)
  • Original and photocopy of current PRC license
  • Payment of required fees
D.    Requirements of Replacement of Lost IV Therapy Card
The lost IVT card shall be replaced by the National ANSAP office upon submission of the following:
1.    Original and photocopy of Certificate of attendance of the 3-day basic IV Therapy Training
2.    Original and Photocopy of Certificate of Training from ANSAP
3.    Notarized affidavit of loss
4.    Two (2) recent 2x2 pictures with light green background.
5.    Processing fee

E.    Grounds for Cancellation of the IV Therapy card
1.    The following Gave Offenses shall incur the penalty of six (6) months suspension and fine or cancellation of accreditation, upon the discretion of ANSAP board:
A.    Dishonest
B.    Grave Misconduct
C.    Falsification of Documents
D.    Disgraceful or Unpleasant Conduct
E.    Gross Violation of Nursing Law and ANSAP IVT standards

IVT Requirements
A.    Hospitals offering IV Therapy Training Program/ Related Updates
1.    The Hospitals which Offers IVT Therapy Training Program and IVT Related Updates shall comply with the following requirements:
a.    Must have a capacity of at least fifty (50) bed capacity
b.    Must have Chief Nurse/Director of Nursing, who should:
  • Be active member of ANSAP
  • Be certified in IVT Training for Trainers by ANSAP
  • Have Complied with R.A. 9173

c.    Must have twelve (12) ANSAP Certified Preceptors
d.    Curriculum vitae of Chief Nurse/Trainer with 2x2 picture
  • Photocopy of current PRC license
  • Photocopy of Trainer’s Card
  • Photocopy of ANSAP Membership Card
  • Three (3) specimen signature

e.    Curriculum vitae of your Preceptors with 2x2 pictures
  • photocopy of their current PRC license
  • photocopy of their Preceptor’s card
  • photocopy of ANSAP Membership Card
  • three (3) specimen signature

f.    Affidavit of Undertaking (IVT form 01 s.09)

2.    After complying with the above requirements, and upon favorable recommendations of ANSAP Health Institute, ANSAP shall issue to the hospital a certificate of Accreditation containing the same and control number of the IV Therapy card number of its IV Trainer.

3.    Certificate of Accreditation of the Hospital is valid in one (1) year and renewable one (1) month before its expiration. It is non-transferable. Its renewal requires the submission of application with attached payment of required fees to ANSAP Institute.

4.    In the event that the certified IV Therapy Nurse Trainer resigns or transfer, the hospital may continue the program/IVT related update, provided it has another ANSAP certified IV Therapy nurse trainer. The Chief Nurse and IV Therapy Nurse Trainer shall thereafter apply to take his/her place.
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