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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Video Guide: Essential Newborn Care " Unang Yakap"

Essential Newborn Care " Unang Yakap"

The Department of Health embarked on Essential Newborn Care , a new program to address neonatal deaths in the country. Under the umbrella of the Unang Yakap Campaign, Essential Newborn Care is an evidenced based strategic intervention aimed at improving newborn care and helping cub neonatal mortality.

The Essential Newborn Care package is a four-step newborn care time-bound intervention undertaken to lessen newborn death.

1. Immediate and thorough drying to stimulate breathing after delivery of the baby

2. Provision of appropriate thermal care through mother and newborn skin-to skin contact maintaining a delivery room temperature of 25-28 degrees centigrade and wrapping the newborn with clean, dry cloth.

3. Properly timed clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord, (1-3 minutes or until cord pulsation stops)

4. Non-separation of the newborn and mother for early breast-feeding. Immediate latching on and initiation of breastfeeding within first hour after birth.

5. Post-natal care required within 24 hours after birth also includes

Cord care
Vitamin K injection
Eye prophylaxis
Delayed bathing until 6 hours of life
BCG and first dose of Hepatitis B Immunization
Newborn screening

The Essential Newborn Care Package aims to reduce newborn mortality rate from 13 deaths (2006 FPS, NSO) to 10 per 1000 live births by 2015.

Unang Yakap aims to save newborn lives.
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