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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Guidelines for Related Learning Experience CASES

Here some of the guidelines for Related Learning Experience (RLE) Exhibit, which are requirements for application to the NLE examination for 2010 (based on PRC BON Memorandum No. 03 Series 2008)

1. 5 Major Operations (maximum of 2 similar cases, 2 students may assist a complicated major surgery)

2. 5 Minor Operations (maximum of 2 similar cases; 1 case per student; major case cannot be used as substitute for minor scrubs)

3. 5 Handled Delivery Cases – 1 student per case

4. 5 Assisted Delivery Cases – 1 student per case

5. 5 Initial Cord Care Cases – 1 student per case

6. The Certification of Authenticity of O.R. / D.R. / Initial Cord Care Cases is subscribed and sworn to for free by authorized PRC officials per Office Order No. 7-259 dated September 24, 2007. There is no need to notarize each page of the RLE exhibits. To meet however the exigencies of beating the deadline for filing or towing a long line of applicants, Colleges of Nursing may opt to have notarization done by any independent notary public prior to filing the same documents to the PRC

7. For major operation, 2 students may actually assist a major surgery or when the procedure takes two (2) hours or more, two (2) similar cases maybe allowed.

8. For minor operation, two (2) similar cases maybe allowed but only one student may claim the cases.

9. Deliveries in the community are to be supervised by a clinical instructor with Master’s Degree in Nursing or Allied Medical or Health-Related Sciences and signed by the same before the approval of the Dean.

Emphasis must be given to competencies developed during the intra-operative and intra-partal phase and a variety of cases is preferred.

The faculty member, clinical coordinator, chief nurse and dean WITH ACTUAL ACCOUNTABILITIES in the RLE of the student must be the signatories to the forms.

Student must accomplish as many forms depending on the number of institutions/agencies where the RLE have been conducted. OR-DR-Cord Care Cases completed in two or more hospitals or agencies must bear the signature of the Chief Nurses of the particular institutions or agencies.

The Delivery Room and Initial Cord Care requirements of Registered Midwives who are nursing graduates applying for the Nurse Licensure Examination are hereby WAIVED, provided they submit a “photo copy” of their updated PRC Identification Card.

For nursing graduates who have completed midwifery courses but have not practiced and/or are “under board” beyond five (5) years from date of midwifery graduation, a supervised case of one (1) actually handled delivery and cord care shall be required for the Nurse Licensure Examination properly documented and reported through the required Delivery/Initial Cord Care Forms.

Other tips in accomplishing your PRC BON Cases Form

Do not or never abbreviate anything from all your entries such as dates, ,operation performed, anesthesia route, diagnosis, name of hospitals, use the format (month/day/year) August 23, 2009

Name of patient , first name then surname eg Victoria Cruz

EX; Pregnancy Uterine, 38-40 weeks Age of Gestation, Cephalic, In labor

Ex: Extra Capsular Cataract Extraction with Posterior Chamber Intra Ocular Lens

For cord dressing:

Date performed: do not abbreviate
Name of the baby: write Boy/girl the surname Correct: Baby boy Cruz
Gender of the baby: do not use boy/girl , Correct: Male
Name of the mother: first name and surname

For actual deliveries

Date of delivery: do not abbreviate or use numeric representations,
use August 23, 2009
Time of delivery: do not use military time . use capital AM or PM,
Correct: 5:00 PM
Gender of the baby: MALE or FEMALE only. Do not use girl of boy

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