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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Video Guide: Preparing Medications


Definition :
Drug or medicine is a chemical agent which acts to maintain, improve and restore physiologic processes of the body.

Purposes in general:
- To maintain and promote health
- To restore physiologic processes
- To aid in diagnosis
- To provide palliative effect
- To supply substances which is deficient. (Ex. Insulin)
- To help prevent disease

Assessment for all medications administration:
- Client’s diagnosis
- Client’s medication
- Client’s allergies to medication
- Specific drug action
- S/S of side effects or adverse reaction
- Client’s age & developmental stage
- Problems in self-administering a medication (e.g. poor eyesight, unsteady hands)
- Client’s ability to cooperate during administration
- Client’s knowledge of & learning needs about medication

- Be sure doctors order is complete & well understood before carrying it out.
- Know the client’s condition & all other factors related to the proper use of the drug.
- Be alert for signs of allergy & idiosyncrasy manifested by the client.
- Know the purpose & therapeutic effect of each drug ordered.
- Be familiar with standard abbreviations & symbols commonly used.
- Verbal orders are accepted in extreme emergencies.
- Observe the “FIVE RIGHTS” in giving medications.
- Always clarify doubtful /unclear order before executing it
- Verify if drug is to be delayed or omitted for specific period of time
- Do not leave medicine with the client to take by himself
- Do not give drug that shows physical changes or deterioration
- Report an error in medication immediately to the nurse in charge.
- The nurse who prepares the medication must be responsible for administering and
recording it. Never endorse it to another nurse.
- Always observe asepsis in preparing and administering drugs.
- Always use the corresponding medication card for each drug prepared and administered.


• Measure the exact amount of drug ordered using calibrated measure
• Do not converse with anyone while preparing a medication
• Make sure that medicine glasses are dry before pouring or measuring medication
• Cleanse the mouth of every bottle every after use
• Hold the medicine glass at eye level
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