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Monday, June 9, 2014

10 Ways To Simplify Your Nursing School Life

1. Stick to the plan. Track all projects, deadlines, exams and other activities relating to work and/or school in a personal planner or a pocketbook calendar.
2. Take notes. Place notes in outline format with headers, subheads and bullet points. Add items your lecturer refers to in the book.
3. Create flashcards. A quick and easy way to quiz yourself right up until test day. Use flashcards for making a file of diseases/conditions and their treatments, listing signs and symptoms, diagnostic tests and interventions.
4. Tape record. This is especially handy on "test review" days when instructors share what material is likely to appear on the exam. Remember to check with your instructor first!
5. Compare notes. It's possible that your classmates have information you didn't catch and vice-versa.
6. Use the textbook to your advantage. Outline each chapter, write down questions about concepts you don't understand and refer to other resources for extra help (i.e. the Internet, nursing journals, NCLEX review materials, etc.).
7. Stay informed. Attending class is important. You never know if a question asked by a fellow classmate or a piece of information not found in the book might be found on the next exam.
8. Ask questions. Get answers to questions raised in your book, ideas you're unclear on from lectures or clarify your notes.
9. Stay in touch with your instructor. Visit during office hours, send an e-mail, talk by phone and sit in the front row during class whenever possible.
10. Be exam prepared. Find out what the exam will cover and the exam format. Review points emphasized in class, questions in your study guides, past quizzes and end of chapter review sections.

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